The Call

Pastor, how do I know that I am called to the ministry? That was my question almost 30 years ago. He responded with a simple, yet profound answer.

  1. Desire. “Walt, the Bible says that a man should desire the office of a bishop.” (1Timothy 3:1) If a man has to be coerced into serving the Lord, unless his heart his changed he quite likely will have the attitude of a hireling rather than a shepherd (John 10:13).
  2. Ability. “Secondly,” he said. “If you are called to preach, there will be some drive or push to write or preach. You may find yourself reworking the sermon you are listening to. Perhaps thinking, ‘he should have/could have used this verse or passage’.” The Bible says a pastor should be ‘…apt to teach.’ (1Timothy 3:2)
  3. Opportunity. “Lastly is the issue of opportunity to serve. Do others see this potential gift in you? Do you have open doors to preach or teach?” While we all have the responsibility to witness and serve the Saviour, the opportunity to lead in ministry is not universal.

How thankful I am for that wise pastor’s influence in my life. That man was Pastor David Smith. He pastored the Great Hope Baptist Church in Barco, NC. I was a young sailor feeling the draw into Gospel ministry. He was gracious and generous with me, giving me many opportunities to preach and teach the precious Word of God.

Thank you Pastor Smith!

In His Service,

Pastor Widdis

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