I usually find it helpful when beginning to read a book to know a little about the author’s frame of reference and purpose for his writing.  Perhaps you are like me or maybe just curious – what is Walt Widdis all about?

The purpose of this blog is for a conversational outlet of my faith, and hopefully, dialogue with you about yours.  I am a local church pastor and have given my life to God to be used as He sees fit to help others in their journey toward Him. 

Theologically I am a biblical fundamentalist.  I believe there are certain irreducible minimums for true Christian faith, i.e. Diety of Christ, His virgin birth, sacrificial  atoning death, and victorious resurrection.  Of course all these are routed in the divine inspiration of the Bible.

Ecclesiastically I am a Baptist.  Many carry the name without understanding the position.  The Bible is the rule for all of life.  Each congregation should be autonomous of others and subservient only to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Each believer represents them self to God.  The don’t need me as a middle man since Jesus is the only authorized mediator (1Tim. 2:5).  Biblically each congregation has only two officers (Pastor & Deacon) and two ordinances (Baptism & Communion).  Every member is not only their own representative to God but also accountable and free to read and understand the Scriptures as the Holy Spirit guides and instructs.  I (nor anyone else) do not have the right to dictate the conscience of others.  Each person will give an account of themselves (Rom. 14:12).  This last statement is perhaps  the most precious to true Baptists.  In light of all these statements it is logical that human government and the church must not seek to control each other.  Though they overlap in some desires (harmony, peace and safety, etc…) their goals are directed toward different ends.  That of the government in the civil society on earth among each member of the community.  That of the church is toward the glory of God and advancement of His kingdom, or in a word the GOSPEL.

Politically, because of my theology and Baptist principles, I am a conservative.  Others no doubt will not be in agreement with me, that is their choice and right as an american.  I look forward to constructive, courteous dialogue.

In conclusion let me say that I am a patriot.  I love my country and have given 15 years of service to Uncle Sam and would gladly serve again to the principles of liberty.  That being said, I certainly am distressed at much of what I see in the “good-ole U S of A.”  But my hope is not in the White House, Court House, Law House, or even the Church House.  My hope is in the one who sits on the Throne of Heaven.  In Him I am secure.  Where is your hope?

I look forward to chatting with you.

In His Service,


Published on January 12, 2010 at 12:22 AM  Comments (5)  

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  1. Hi Walt,

    I like this… I can finally read your writing!! :o)

    I believe “Fedelity” is spelled “Fidelity” though.

    I really like your blog, very clean and professional looking.

    And finally, I have to say – I’m very proud of you as my brother. I love you.


    • Dan,
      Thanks for ckecking out my blog. You are right on the spelling of fidelity, the post has been corrected.


  2. Hey Walt,

    A good friend of mine, David Vasicek, is going to be contacting you to learn about your satellite college program. He is interested in earning a Master’s or more in theology and greatly desires to become a teacher. I’m sending him to your Facebook and your blog.

    Love ya,


  3. Great start on your blog. Enjoyed your posts. The Winter School was a blessing. Thanks for all the work you and your church family put into making it special for us visiting preachers.

    • Thanks for the encouragment. I would appreciate any tips.

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