The New Year

As I write these thoughts the New Year’s Day is fast drawing to a close. Many have already made their resolutions for 2016. While, normally, such resolutions only serve to give us a false sense of determination, it doesn’t have to be so for a Christian. That is, if your choices for the new year are in light of your relation to Christ and submission to His spirit. He promises to enable us to live and walk in the power of the Spirit (Gal. 5:16). Let us as children of the heavenly father resolve to depend upon His enabling for this new year that we may finish it well and not with regret.
Last year, here at First Baptist, our theme was “Joy in Jesus.” My final sermon to our church family was entitled “Finishing with Joy.” I would like to share it with you. May the Lord be even more real to you this year!

In His Service,
Pastor Widdis

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Revival – What, When, How?

There is much talk of revival among independent Baptists. Some of that talk is negative – they don’t believe that it can come, and relegate the desires of the other side to Keswickian¬†leanings. The other extreme seems almost Pelagian in that it is all dependent upon man’s actions, faith, submission, and that God is obligated to give it due to our spiritual arm-twisting. Not to mention the many works that are available from other corners of “Evangelical Christianity.”

With all this confusion no wonder so many christians either don’t know what it is or if it is even necessary or wanted. Let me say that I do believe that revival is a biblical truth and that it is possible to have revival today. I desire such a moving in my life and ministry. But with so many voices the truth of Scripture sometimes gets drownded out by the good sounding ideas of men.

While I don’t claim to know all and am still learning what it is, I do know the true revival that I desire and that every Christian needs is through the power of the Holy Spirit. Also it is clear from Scripture that He can be quenched and grieved when my life is not in line with God’s truth. I encourage you to listen to the sermon included in this post. It is entitled A Heart and Mind for God. While one sermon can not be all-inclusive of the truth concerning revival, this may be a start for you.

In His Service,


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